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More C2 BETA MOD content changes!! »

I’ve already detailed some of the changes that will be included in the BETA Mod but I’ve further made many more changes so I shall list them presently: VEHICLES Hell Rod- Prototype Hell Rod with blue outlines on flames and old wheels. Now driven by Mad Harry Braindead like in development Buzz- Old buzz driver […]

Sim Ped! »

A simple (hurrhurr geddit?) edit of FEM07 ped into Sim of RWS and former Stainless fame! Readme.txt Simone McDermott Pedestrian — — Created by Razor — A simple edit to the FEM07 ped to turn her into Sim, Sim is definitely a lot more fun to run over! –Installing– Extract the archive in your […]

NEW* Content Within The BETA MOD (*old) »

Thought I’d make a little (or long) post detailing the alterations that will feature within my upcoming BETA MOD, just a list and some screenshots below to make things a bit prettier! Vehicle Changes EAGLE 3 – The model that appears in the (US Blood) demo version of the game will be present, untextured faces […]

Font progress »

RE: the previous long-winded post on the font formats in C2, I’ve decided to go ahead and only do bits that matter! In the demo version of C2, ped combos are of course specific images with 2X Combo being the following image: (2xcombo.pix) Using what I’d learned trying to edit these fonts I’ve edited the […]

Carmageddon 2 fonts are a pain! »

Been trying to understand the way C2 uses fonts for the past few days and then edit things to my liking with very minimal success, will try to outline my discoveries here. So I’m working on a beta mod of the game that will resurrect all of the old beta/demo content of the game into […]

KABOOM! Old C2 Explosions A-HOY! »

Something little here and surprisingly something that hasn’t been done yet! The old explosions from the earlier versions of C2, you may have seen them in the ‘ChevyII Alpha’, Beta/Demo versions of the game and in earlier screenshots and preview images, these explosions are less realistic than what appears in the final but they give […]

Flashfire – The long lost Stainless Hot Wheels car! »

FlashFire – The Stainless Mattel Car 17 years ago, during the late development of Carmageddon 2 Stainless decided to create a few quick items for the game in order to pitch an idea to Mattel in the hopes that they would be able to create a licensed Hot Wheels game with them, to cut a […]

17 Year Old Car WOT! »

Later today I shall be releasing a car that Stainless created 17 years ago that never saw the light of day, it’s all complete and ready to go but I have to go to work, not enough time to get it released here, on CWA and on forums. 🙁 Prepare your butt-holes though for […]

TDR2000 MOD!! (Total Conversion???) »

‘lo. Back to Carma modding and I’m working on a TDR2000 mod, just like the unfinished PSX mod this will hopefully be a complete total conversion of all TDR2000 maps, vehicles, races and (I will attempt) missions. This one I will hope to complete as the process of getting TDR2000 content out of the game […]

C22C2.html Updated »

I’ve finally got around to updating the C2 remake list (C22C2.html) and added Pip’s following remakes: Twister 2 Tashita 2 Slam Sedan Mad Morris Monster Beetle Either follow the conversions link up in the navbar or click here.