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We’re Back! »

Stomping On Kittens is back and now hosted on the Toshiba-3 network alongside many other old community websites. I have updated the Downloads page as well, so no links to nasty trojans from the old domain. BETA mod is available again! GO GRAB IT! I’ll update other pages as I get time! Have a good […]

Conversions Lists Updated »

Howdy, Actually doing a thing, I’ve updated C12C2.html, SP2C2.html and C22C2.html to include newer conversions that I’ve missed out in the past 7 years. ADDED: Eagle RS by Toshiba-3 to C12C2.html RamRaider 2013 by Toshiba-3 to SP2C2.html Hawk III by Pip The Pest to C22C2.html Big Dump by Toshiba-3 to C22C2.html Razorback 2013 by Toshiba-3 […]

Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod XP Fixes »

A quick post, I have included a fix for the crashing problem in Windows XP to the main C2 BETA Mod page, here. Scroll to the bottom of the article and you’ll find what you need.   Nothing else to see here.


Got a hold of another crazy Carmageddon item, this time from Russia, I nabbed this as it claims on the case to include Carmageddon 1, Splat Pack, Carmageddon 2 and TDR2000 all on a single CD, I was quite interested to see what kind of compression was used to fit all of this onto a […]

Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod Now Released! »

After months and months of working on it (and a lot of time not working on it), my BETA Mod for Carmageddon 2 is finally complete and ready to be released! Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! BETA Modification is a complete conversion of Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! and a standalone release, it is available in two […]

Carmageddon 2 BETA MOD fonts complete! »

So I’ve finally completed the fonts that are to be used in my BETA MOD, here’s how I have done it. During the process of creating this mod I’ve discovered a lot of secrets about how the final version of this game handles fonts and have documented these discoveries, using this knowledge I have recreated […]

More Carmageddon 2 FONT discoveries! »

Okay, so I’m still working on my BETA MOD and am again currently fiddling around with the fonts, now I haven’t read my previous post on my font discoveries for a while and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention this at all but in any case I shall explain as best I can, there will likely be […]

The lesser-known diagonal SPAMTRAK bug fix. »

Are you tired of your Beaver Woods trains being all diagonal? Are you tired of your SPAMTRAK being all skew-whiff? Well now you can fix it! Not sure how well-known this fix is but all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1. Open up /data/DRONES/SPAMTRAK/SPAMTRAK.TXT You will see the following line within […]

Tutorial: Porting Carmageddon 2 content to Carmageddon: Reincarnation! »

This is going to be a quick little tutorial to expand on the one I left over at CWAboard, a bit more in-depth with a few screenshots. Please note that this tutorial will show you how to port C2 vehicles and levels directly to C:R through Flummery, this doesn’t allow you to set things up […]

Kenn Worst’s Big Wig! »

Big Wig from TDR2000 – driven by Kenn Worst! I made this a while ago but never actually officially released it, it was part of my TDR2000 mod before I moved on to actually porting the vehicles over to C2 directly, this was TTR’s BlackDog edited into Kenn Worst’s Big Wig, I am releasing it […]